Big House are an exciting new 5 piece band based in Arundel in West Sussex. Piano, double bass, drums with tenor / flute and trumpet / flugel, the band play their own exciting material, full of energy, melody and lyricism.

The band comprises

Mike Carey on piano
Mike Comber on double bass
Stephen Cass on drums and percussion
Paul Hodgson on tenor sax and flute
David Hepworth on trumpet and flugel

The debut album, Freedom, features several guest artists

Raul D'Oliveira on trumpet and flugel
Clare Nicholas on accordion
Phil Gravett on guitar
Jon Wigg on violin

The second album, Love In The Time Of Corona was written and recorded by the piano, bass and drums trio during and between the lockdowns resulting from the pandemic.

The band are back together playing now and are currently working on their 3rd album, The Bigger Picture.

All of the tracks to dateĀ  are compositions by Mike Carey that the band have embraced and interpreted with their own individual musical voices to create something we're all really proud of. We hope you like our music, let us know what you think!

Photo by Ciara Marshall

Mike Carey


Photo by Ciara Marshall

Mike Comber

Double bass

Photo by Ciara Marshall

Stephen Cass

Drums and percussion

Photo by Ciara Marshall

Paul Hodgson

Tenor sax and flute

Photo by Ciara Marshall

David Hepworth

Trumpet and flugel


On release from the Jailhouse

Where The Earth Meets The Sky

Love In The Time Of Corona


Live at Arundel Farmers Market

Big House in rehearsal at the Jailhouse

Live at The Fountain Inn

Live at The Vic